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Mutchler Lyons assists a wide array of clients to navigate Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and state-specific Right to Know Law (RTKL) and open records challenges — and opportunities. The firm works with hedge funds, defense contractors, health care providers, pharmaceutical corporations and other major corporations to obtain public records in real time.

If you do business with the federal, state, or local government or are in a regulated industry, Mutchler Lyons can help you obtain records and data so you can make critical decisions more quickly and efficiently. If your business is pursuing an opportunity in a new market or investing in a new medical device or drug, our team is poised to assist you in gaining quick and efficient access to federal and/or state records. We can assist you in making sure that your proprietary information is not unnecessarily exposed in government filings. We can help major universities and research institutions protect valuable intellectual property. We provide media and legal training and advice for corporations and news outlets. 

Public Records

Mutchler Lyons can:

  • Obtain public records more quickly by filing requests that comply with all laws, regulations and agency policies. For example, we have obtained records in 35 days that can typically take months to recover.
  • Assist corporations, entrepreneurs and major research universities to protect competitive data and information and intellectual property for unnecessary exposure in public filings.
  • Develop internal Best Practices to ensure that your organization is prepared to take advantage of and be prepared for challenges posed by Public Records laws as a matter of standard practice.
  • Litigate appeals in public records cases.
Transparency Law Training and Advice

We have provided training and advice to in-house counsel and corporate executives, government officials, and media reporters and editors around the country.

We provide training in:

  • How to use state and federal records access laws, including how to fast track requests under the 1996 Electronic FOIA rewrite
  • Understanding procedures and policies for making records requests
  • How to write a successful request
  • How to avoid copy/labor fees
  • What NOT to include in your request
  • How to obtain information outside the process